Dastan’s Basement was established in 2012 in Northern Tehran.  The gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the artworks of the new generation of Iranian emerging artists. Dastan is also devoted to research and education on Iranian visual arts and regularly hosts documentary film screenings and book launches.  These projects include the book launch of “Fereydoun Ave; the Designer”, Bahman Kiarostami’s latest Film/Book Launch and most recently the publication of “Ardeshir Hyphen Seventeen Eighty Seven” about the artworks and times of Ardeshir Mohassess.

Since 2014, the gallery has extended outside the Basement in order to reach a wider audience and to break the confines of a single gallery space. These ventures operate under the framework of Dastan Outside the Basement. The current project Outside the Basement is Sam Art; a 150 meter pop up gallery, dedicated to showcasing the artworks of Iranian masters and established artists in the heart of Tehran’s retail Center.


In addition to the Basement, the gallery’s newest space, Dastan +2 opened in October 2015 within walking distance of the Basement to showcase works by established Iranian artists and masters.