Mohammad Reza Yazdi

1986 Born in Tehran

2008 Member of Association of Iranian Sculptors (AIS)

2009 B.A in sculpture from faculty of fine arts – Tehran University

2012 Master of Arts in art studies from faculty of fine arts – Tehran University


Group exhibitions

2008 International exhibition of art and spirituality (Busan-South Korea)

2010 5th Exhibition of figurines (Iranian Artists Forum-Tehran)

2011 2nd Tehran sculpture expo (Shirin Art Center-Tehran)

2011 7th Exhibition of figurines (Fravahr Art Gallery-Tehran)

2012 Exhibition of figurative sculptures (Shirin Art Center-Tehran)

2013 “The Scope of Meaning” group exhibition  (Mellat Art Gallery-Tehran)



2008 1st  Biennial of  urban sculptures (Barg Art Gallery-Tehran)

2010 2nd Biennial of  urban sculptures (Barg Art Gallery-Tehran)

2011 6th National biennial of sculpture (Niavaran Cultural Center-Tehran)

2012 3rd Biennial of  urban sculptures (Barg Art Gallery-Tehran)



2010 3rd International sculpture symposium (Calgary-Canada)

2011 3rd International sculpture symposium (Milad Tower-Tehran)

2012 1st Festival of environmental art (Laleh public park-Tehran)


Awards and honors

2006 Chosen art work by jury of 3rd Art, Sport and Olympic biennial (National Academy  of Olympic and Paralympic of Iran)

2007 Chosen art work by jury of 4th Art , Sport and Olympic biennial (National Academy of Olympic and Paralympic of Iran)

2008 Diploma of honor by jury of International quadrennial of Olympic (Beijing 2008) and art (IOC-Laussane/Switzerland)

2010 Special award for best art work on public opinion and chosen by jury of 2nd biennial of urban sculptures (Barg Art Gallery-Tehran)

2011 13th Kharazmi youth festival , Chosen art work and special award in Creativity     and Innovation  (Shahid Beheshti University-Tehran)

2011 First prize in 3rd International sculpture symposium (Milad Tower-Tehran)

2012 Chosen art work by jury of 1st Sundial festival of Iran (Barg Art Gallery-Tehran)

The present collection entitled “Parvaz” (Flying) is the product of the first period of personal studies that Mohammad Reza Yazdi has done in kinetic sculpture and interaction art. These art works have an abstract body inspired by geometric patterns and native visual signs; and on the other hand they encompass the essence that is in interaction with physical characteristics like gravity, weight and force and at the end they contain the ability that in co-action behavior with audience tell the story beyond the context, space and visual structures.

Flat abstract forms with brief and sharp colors made the art works attractive deceptively and ideally that fade in space like a sweet and light dream. Duality of stable and grounded forms as well as the movable parts free in space, makes a kind of contrast that is more like to dream of flying. Here is the place that artist makes distance from his subjective ideals and looks at the anti-order and meaningless truth of modern society. It`s the challenge that artist wants to face with his metaphoric glance and tries to share it with audience via interaction.

Forms that remain in their lightness and kinetic abilities like silent musical instruments in dream of and wait out to be played and it will happen when audience, just with a soft blow, move the body of sculpture. So the theme of flying  passing through the artist`s mind is reconstructed to an abstract metaphor encouraging the audience to enter a delicate interaction with the art work to induce

and perfect it. In other words, in this framework the audience will discover an abstract quality that is not just about visual characteristics of art works, but it`s symbolic and is in a challenge with content, theme and action beyond the structure. So the aspects of these qualities together, create a contemporary display of interaction art.


Hamid Shans

Autumn 2013

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