Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh

1986 – Tehran, Iran

2012 – Bachelors of Sculpture


Solo Exhibition:

2015 – Dastan’s Basement, Tehran, Iran

2013 – Dastan’s Basement, Tehran, Iran


Group Exhibitions:

2015 – Abi Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2015 – Art Dubai, Dastan’s Basement Booth, Dubai, UAE

2012 – The Third Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures, Barg Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 – Ghanun Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2010 – The Second Biennial of Tehran’s Urban Sculptures, Barg Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 – Afrand Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Human beings take different actions and show different reactions to improve their lives.

These actions and reactions are utilitarian, but like a two-edged sword, are useful to help humans reach their ambitions and make their lives better, but on the other hand, repeating them in the long run leads to the destruction of man’s character. In severe conditions of disequilibrium and hardship, humans become inclined to a state of deep mystic metamorphosis, continuing and repeating these destructive acts to an extreme extent, so to become part of their characteristics and habits, in spite of sensing their increasing destructive powers over their soul and body.

Traits such as flattery, hedonism, pretense and deception, which appear to be utilitarian and unobjectionable in short-term, are destructive in the long run. Eventually, humans become an agent of their own destruction.

In this exhibition, I seek to present this process of man’s self-destruction, metaphorically and in some instances directly, using the show’s setting and the associations between the sculptures. I shall present certain moments of humans’ lives, without taking their social class or even gender into account.

I wish to present the inevitability of most of these circumstances to the audience.

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